Oh, the temptation!

Odell bakes sweet or savory temptations for any occasion or no occasion at all.  Our recipes reflect our 40 years of full service baking. We'll be happy to discuss your bakery needs.

Everything is baked to order so please give us as much notice as possible, a week or more depending on the size of the order.  One dozen per variety is our minimum order for our fresh baked cookies and pastries.




Gingerbread Houses

Easter Gingerbread Houses

Halloween Houses

Oh, the imagination!

Our pastries, petite fours and bite size morsels can be decoratively arranged or boxed for you to serve on your own trays. One bride & groom dreamed of a pastry bar for their wedding reception. This is their dream realized....

...and their wedding cake.

Krispie Witches

& Marshmallow Ghosts

Butter and Gingerbread Cookies

We have a myriad of cookie cutters to fit any occasion. Typically we bake butter or gingerbread cut-out cookies. The cut-out cookies need to be ordered two weeks ahead of time.A two month lead time is necessary to make gingerbread houses.

Bouquet of Cookies

Party Favors


Let us bake for your holidays

Breakfast Treats

Let us bake for your any days...

Creative Cookery, circa 1982 This house was the first of many that Carol has designed  and built. It had 28 pieces!

and Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Teddy Bear Bakers Setting

baking standards

since 1975